2016 Secret Knowledge Conference

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Talent Alone Isn't Enough. Join us for a full day of community connection, utterly useful training, and creative empowerment.

What the Secret Knowledge Conference is:

It’s a full day of utterly useful professional training and community connection for artists, musicians, and other creative-types.

Let’s face it, turning your creative talent into a working livelihood is challenging. Talent alone isn’t enough. The Secret Knowledge Conference is about sharing real creative business wisdom you can actually use.

You’ll learn from people who understand the challenges independent artists & musicians face.

You’ll go home knowing exactly what you need to grow your creative career.

Registration is limited to 100 people.

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FLOCK $99 per person (groups of 3 - 5)

Pair $139 per person (groups of 2)

Single $249 

(need help getting to the conference, request a Fee Reduction by Friday Nov. 18th at 5pm. )

Fly Higher, With Less Flapping

Get more this year with the new Enriched Conference Package,

Enriched Single $374

Enriched Pair $264 each

Your Enriched Registration includes:

2016 Secret Knowledge Conference Registration

1 hour of one-on-one insight with Secret Knowledge's Noah Kleiman during the 12 months after the conference.

The Conference is better when you Flock Together.

Save up to 60% when you Flock the Conference

A flock is 3 - 5 friends who register together.

You'll get much more out of the conference if you go with people you know. Together you and your flock will be able to attend EVERY workshop we offer. Team up on the topics which matter most to you. When the conference ends and you actually have to do the hard work, your flock will have your back.

Need help gathering your flock? Use this handy Facebook event to invite your friends.


Secret Knowledge Conference


FLOCK $99 per person (groups of 3 -5)

Pairs $139 per person (groups of 2)

Any refunds issued will be to the original registrant for all transacted registrations. That means if someone in your flock flakes on you, you can't cancel just one registration, so find someone to take their place. That said, we wish you a flakeless flocking and an arts-y ca-reer.

By registering and attending the 2016 Secret Knowledge Conference you are consenting to being photographed at this public event and granting Secret Knowledge permission to use images of you from the event in our promotional and marketing materials.

November 19th, 2016 10:00 AM   through   8:00 PM
Jupiter Hotel
800 E Burnside St
Portland, OR 97214
United States
Current Registration Fees
Conference Registrations
One Creative Person - $249 $ 249.00
One Enriched Creative Person - $374 $ 374.00
Two Creative People - $139 each $ 278.00
Two Enriched Creative People - $264 each $ 528.00
3 Person Flock - $99 each $ 297.00
4 Person Flock - $99 each $ 396.00
5 Person Super Flock - $99 each $ 495.00

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