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DIY Poster Design

This video workshop shows you how to make great looking posters on your computer using a free / open source program called Scribus. You can apply the same techniques demonstrated here to make just about anything printed. That includes CD packaging, booklets, custom event graphics for the web, etc. We're focusing on posters because it's a simple, acheivable project. 

We hope you'll find this screencast workshop useful. If you do, take a moment to give what you can to support Secret Knowledge. Your contribution is tax deductible, by law. The suggested donation for this course was $10 - $15. 

Free Video Workshop

Scribus runs on Mac, Linux, and PC. For downloads and installation instructions visit You'll want to refer to the specific install instructions for your computer system here. When you first start-up Scribus be aware that it can take a really long time to launch. Scribus takes a while to check the font paths for the fonts you have installed on your computer. Once this initial start-up configuration completes the application will launch normally. You only have to wait for Scribus to do this the first time you launch the program while the configuration process is underway, it'll start up quickly the next time you run Scribus and everytime thereafter. Make some popcorn, it takes a while.

 This 73-minute overview starts with the free graphic design resoures [0:00 - 18:44] then presents poster making using Scribus [18:44 - 1:13:23]

Original In-Depth Screencasts

About the In-Depth Screencast

We recorded the in-depth tutorials on May 1st, 2014.  These videos will show you all you need to know to design professional quality posters and event promotional graphics using the free and open source program Scribus. 

Part 0 - Scribus Preferences

This is an overview of some preference changes you'll want to make, to make Scribus easier to use. 

Part 1 - Working with text and images

This lesson covers the basics of using scribus to make a basic poster layout. 

Part 2 - Layers and Levels

This lesson covers using layers to organize your layout and presents some simple color blending effects. 

Part 3 - Colors and Graphics Resources

This lesson presents two very useful resources for poster-making. OpenClipArt provides free vector graphics, which are scaleable drawings you can use as poster elements. ColourLovers is a huge community-driven websitewhich presents well organized color palettes which look great. 






thanks so much for this secret knowledge! i heard about you today from the pdx tech4good meetup which i can't make today, but i reeeeally want and need to learn how to do great graphic design for my environmental work. i look forward to learning scribus and more from you!

Hey David. Glad you found it useful !

That Tech4Good workshop is actually happening tomorrow, October 1st.

You'll find Scribus is a really powerful tool for graphic design, no matter what you're creating. I've used it to design posters, facebook event page graphics, CD packaging, huge conference booth displays, brochures, post-it notes, etc.

Love to see examples of the things you make with it. Keep us posted, Ok ?

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