Secret Knowledge Conference WILL RETURN on Saturday Nov 17th, 2018

2018 Keynote Speaker: Portland City Commissioner, Chloe Eudaly

Secret Knowledge is proud to annoucne Commissioner Chloe Eudaly will be the keynote speaker for the 2018 Secret Knowledge Conference. Commissioner Eudaly attributes her decision to run for Portland City Council to conversations she had with attendees at the very first Secret Knowledge Conference, in 2015. Chloe Eudaly was a featured presenter in 2015 on the topic of Crowdfunding. We're excited to have her join us for a discussion about making Portland a place where Artists can continue to live and work. 

Testimonial from Anna Fritz

Ihave been working in the music industry for more than 15 years and people have tried numerous times to explain the complicated minutiae of music licensing to me. Finally understanding this stuff was worth every penny of the registration fee. Thanks for the dose of clarity and empowerment, Secret Knowledge!

- Anna Fritz, folksinger/cellist



Press Clippings

Articles about the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference

As our town grows into the 21st century, artists and creative types will need to grow with it. For those still struggling to get by in the city, a bit of Secret Knowledge may just be what they need.

The Oregonian 11/11/15- "How can artists survive in Portland ? One man offers some 'secret knowledge'"

Noah Kleiman can see the future for artists in Portland.

Portland Tribune 11/5/15- "Making creativity pay."

For a city filled with creative hopefuls, the Secret Knowledge Conference promises a goldmine of much-needed training how-tos, from pricing your paintings to licensing your music.

Portland Monthly Magazine 11/12/15- "Top things to do this weekend, Nov. 12 - 15"

The first-ever Secret Knowledge Conference will fill the Jupiter Hotel with tips from creative types.

Willamette Week 11/13/15 - The Secret to Not Starving as an Artist

An up-and-coming designer meets a CEO at The Secret Knowledge Conference

While I was unable to attend the entire conference, I was there long enough to see real value in the presentations, and see a number of "Ah ha" moments occur during those same presentations.

-Dave Boeckel, CEO at William Henry Studio

The Secret Knowledge conference is a great opportunity to interact and engage with individuals that are keen to develop business skills for their creative endeavors. One of the greatest advantages of the conference is that people of all skill levels and skill sets can find opportunities to grow through either the lectures provided or interactions with other people attending events. 

The Secret Knowledge conference creates a learning environment both through conventional methods of the classroom and through open discussion and personal success stories; artists, musicians, and craftspeople come together to share personal success stories as well as challenges in an effort to allow artists to do what they do best in the modern world.

-Connor Ebbinghouse, Designer

Connor Ebbinghouse and Dave Boeckel meet at The 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference

Connor Ebbinghouse (right) meets with Dave Boeckel (left) at the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference



Evangeline LaRoque on the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference

I loved this conference! I came away with some wonderfully useful information and strategies which I have now very successfully integrated into my business. I also really enjoyed connecting with so many different creative people and came away feeling inspired and excited about what I do and the path I'm on.

- Evangeline LaRoque, Music & Video Producer



Rebecca Van Damm on the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference

Rebecca Van Damm and Joel Barker chat during a Secret Knowledge Exchange Session

I signed up for The 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference because it seemed like a safe bet that I would learn at least one useful insight to help me with my music career; I figured I'd make some good connections, too.

The Secret Knowledge Conference really delivered.

I got a lot out of the workshops but the real "secret" of the conference, for me, was what I learned from talking with the other attendees. It was super helpful to connect with other creative people who have had some success and were willing to share some keen wisdom around building career momentum and cultivating a following. I took notes voraciously.

After the conference, I went home and turned my notes into a 2016 music release, tour, and promotion plan for my band, Major Love Event. Applying what I learned at the conference made planning the next year so much easier. I finally know what my next steps are and how to go about taking them. I hope Secret Knowledge offers the conference again next year, when it comes time to start planning for 2017. I'll be there.

- Rebecca Van Damm, Musician



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