An up-and-coming designer meets a CEO at The Secret Knowledge Conference

While I was unable to attend the entire conference, I was there long enough to see real value in the presentations, and see a number of "Ah ha" moments occur during those same presentations.

-Dave Boeckel, CEO at William Henry Studio

The Secret Knowledge conference is a great opportunity to interact and engage with individuals that are keen to develop business skills for their creative endeavors. One of the greatest advantages of the conference is that people of all skill levels and skill sets can find opportunities to grow through either the lectures provided or interactions with other people attending events. 

The Secret Knowledge conference creates a learning environment both through conventional methods of the classroom and through open discussion and personal success stories; artists, musicians, and craftspeople come together to share personal success stories as well as challenges in an effort to allow artists to do what they do best in the modern world.

-Connor Ebbinghouse, Designer

Connor Ebbinghouse and Dave Boeckel meet at The 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference

Connor Ebbinghouse (right) meets with Dave Boeckel (left) at the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference



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