August 2016 Whisper Posse Update

It's been a pretty exciting week for the WHISPER POSSE
We've been doing the tactical plan meetings with participants, to go over the reccomendations from our Whisper Posse Expedition Planning Team (Noah Kleiman, Melanie Boekee, and R.Michael Menzies, jr.)

It's been amazing watching the pieces come together for the participants. Here are some highlights from this week:

WHISPER POSSE moment #1 (Wednesday)
Helping Gwen overhaul her website to transform it into a more effective web store for her fine jewelry. Go Gwen! (yes, we'll share the link, but not today). Her studio has a swing!


WHISPER POSSE moment #2 (Thursday)
Helping Kalie set her illustration rates - not an easy thing. The magic words for Kalie were: "This is your Kung Fu."
We looked at what her illustration contributions to Secret Knowledge are really worth. We're gonna help Kalie launch a new comic this year. We're helping Kalie plan her kickstarter. Go Kalie !

WHISPER POSSE moment #3 (Also Thursday)
Ethan texted to say he got his first regular (weekly!) freelance graphic design gig, from the referral we provided. Go Ethan !



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