Secret Knowledge of Working Websites - Workshop Video

Build a maintainable website to promote your creative business

Secret Knowledge of Working Websites covers the basics you need to build a modern, mobile accessible website using WordPress, the free content management and blogging platform.

Recorded at a live workshop on Dec. 10th 2014 in Portland, Oregon.

Websites referenced in this video:  - The free hosted version of Wordpress. A great place to start building your website. - the demonstration site we built using for this workshop - The homepage for the WordPress  Free/Open Source blogging/CMS software. When you're ready for more featurers you'll probably want to move to the full self-hosted platform. - Noah Kleiman's personal blog, which uses and links up with Bandcamp. Opinions expressed are his own, not Secret Knowledge's. - A wonderful site for selling music downloads, merch, and physical CDs. Bandcamp caters to independent musicians. Free sign-up, favorable transaction rates. - An email newsletter service, the one we use for Secret Knowledge's newsletter. - Noah Kleiman's bandcamp music store, included in the demo.



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