Whisper Posse

Join Secret Knowledge for a 6 month adventure in creative career growth.

The Spring 2016 Whisper Posse is underway - We're riding through November 2016.

You can join the Winter Whisper Posse, when it starts in December. In the meantime anyone can benefit from the same great career advice, anytime through Secret Knowledge's Insight Sessions (info here).

Spring Whisper Posse info

The Secret Knowledge Whisper Posse is your back-up and support team as you blaze a new trail for your creative career.

How it works:

We start by setting our sights on your goals and challenges. (e.g. I want to record and release a new album & book a tour, but I don't have the money to do that., or, I'm starting a freelance graphic design business & I also want to kickstart my new graphic novel, or I'd like to make more money selling my artwork than I do right now, or I'd like to grow my income from music lessons, etc.) 

The Whisper Posse advisers will sit down with you to come up with a tactical plan tailored to the way you actually live and work. It's not a rigid plan and it's not abstract. It's a set of straightforward tasks to tackle and behaviors to start adopting which will help you overcome obstacles and get you closer to your goal.

The best part is, you don't have to do any of this alone. We'll connect you with your own Whisperer Sidekick to help you stick to your guns through the scary parts (e.g. negotiating, setting prices, self promotion, selling, asking people to support your Kickstarter, etc.) 

Secret Knowledge Whisper Posse

When: Kickoff event is May 18th, 7pm - 9pm. Whisper Posse planning work starts in June. The program runs through November 18th.

Cost: $300 for six months. Easy payment plans available.

What do you get?

Participation in The Secret Knowledge Whisper Posse starts with an assessment meeting, to identify your immediate career goals. You'll work with Secret Knowledge's core team of Journey Advisors to identify the challenges you face and lay out a tactical plan to help you reach your goals. We will pair you with a Volunteer Whisperer who will act as your ongoing support through the challenges you face. Noah Kleiman of Secret Knowledge will have your back the whole time, offering insight along the way.  Those are the basics, there's a lot more.

The rest of what you get depends on you and your goals because we're here to help you do what it takes; leveraging resources, helping you promote, and generally helping you step up your game.

Consider these possibilities: 

If your plan involves running a crowdfunding campaign (e.g. Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, etc.), The Whisper Posse can help you produce the pitch video, plan the campaign, provide additional promo for your campaign, and help you through the hard part (where you ask everyone you know to support what you do, for weeks and weeks).

If your plan involves growing your music & merch sales at your shows, The Whisper Posse can help you improve your merch table set-up, develop special promotions, grow your email list, and help out in a hands-on way as you sell your merch.  

What about scholarships: We're gearing up to offer fee reductions & scholarships this year for all of our programs.  We're actively soliciting public support to fund scholarships, right now. To request a flexible payment plan or tuition assistance just send an email to howdy@secretknowledge.org we'll work it out.

I'd like to sponsor someone in the Whisper Posse !

You can help provide scholarships for The Whisper Posse, The 2016 Secret Knowledge Conference, and Secret Knowledge Insight Sessions by contributing to the 2016 Scholarship Fund.


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