Whisper Posse Update - July 2016

Whisper Posse UPDATE !

Hats off to our five brave Whisper Posse participants: Sean, Frank, Ethan, Kalie, and Gwen. Two musicians, a graphic designer, an illustrator, and a jewelry artist who set out to grow their creative careers with support from Secret Knowledge, in an adventure which runs through November. It's about providing the support it takes to do the brave work required to build a creative career.

Whisper Posse - a six month adventure in creative career growth from Secret Knowledge in Portland, Oregon

Kalie Stanton - Illustrator for Secret Knowledge
Whisper Posse Participant and Secret Knowledge illustrator, Kalie Stanton works out a fresh design for future Secret Knowledge swag (stickers, t-shirts, etc.) You'll recognize Kalie as the illustrator for The Secret Knowledge Conference and The Whisper Posse. We're going to help Kalie launch a new comic this year!

May and June were spent identifying goals. This July our expedition planning team (Noah Kleiman, Melanie Boekee, and Michael Menzies, Jr.) will take those goals and create tactical plans for each participant.

Setting a goal is brave work in itself, though. It's the first step in the process: knowing exactly what you want.

Even at this early stage it's clear that this is going to be an adventure, full of daunting challenges for each participant. We were just a couple weeks into the Spring Whisper Posse when a Whisper Posse participant encountered the first big challenge. The award for first very brave thing accomplished during the Secret Knowledge Whisper Posse goes to Ethan Parker Wright, for his valor in talking to his employer about his plans to transition to freelance graphic design work. (It went really well) Go Ethan !



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