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Past Events

Here's a rundown of events we've offered in the past.

Skills You Need to Make it Here

Secret Knowledge offers workshops targeted at working class artists, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs. We focus on topics that matter to your success and strive to present practical techniques attendees can actually use.

Missed a workshop? Need help now? Sometimes there's a video.

We don't produce videos of every workshop, but we do video record most of them. If you missed a Secret Knowledge workshop and want to see what it was all about, check out our Video Lessons page. You can also write to us to express interest in a re-offering of a past workshop, or to suggest a topic for a future workshop.

Talent Alone Isn't Enough. That's why there's Secret Knowledge.

Private Sessions

Noah helps creative people fly higher, with less flapping.

You don't need to wait weeks or months for a Secret Knowledge workshop, event, or conference. You don't need to be in Portland, Oregon. Get the advice you need now, direct from the source. Schedule your insight session with Noah Kleiman, founder of Secret Knowledge.

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