2016 Secret Knowledge Conference Workshops


Signs That You Shouldn't Sign That

Bryan Wasetis of Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and Aspect Law Group covers contract negotiation self-care for freelancers & small creative businesses. Know what to look for, when to look for professional legal help, and how to access pro bono legal services in Oregon.

It Always Comes Down to Pricing

Kate O’Brien of Understory Creative talks about the greatest challenge we all face. Whether it’s your hourly rate for services, the price of a product you make, how you bid on a project, or the price you set for fine artwork - pricing is what matters most when it comes to making a living with your talents. This workshop will cover: How price tags influence the behavior of potential customers;  how pricing and business models work together; common pitfalls creative people face when establishing prices; and what we can do to overcome those pitfalls.

7 Steps to Building Your Arts Business

Drawing from decades of experience as a museum curator, art gallery owner, and small business advisor Bonnie Kahn shares her insights into starting and growing your arts business one step at a time.

Retail Explained

Dave Boeckel, CEO of William Henry shares his insights into why people buy & illuminates what really matters and what really doesn’t when it comes product pricing, wholesale selling and building relationships with buyers at retail stores.

Subscribing Your Tribe: how to start, grow, and feed your direct email list & still feel ok about it.

Direct email lists are a great way to keep people engaged about what you do, drive sales of what you make, and promote performances. Albert Kaufman of AlbertIdeation shares his insight into building your email list from scratch and addresses the emotional side of email marketing: How often should I send messages to my list ? Who should be added to the list based on interactions ? What does it mean when someone subscribes or unsubscribes from my list ? How do I know if i’m doing it right ?

Resistance Tactics from Creative Realtors

To stay in Portland creative people need somewhere to live and somewhere to do their creative work. Annie Rose Shapero & a co-presenter share insights into collective home ownership & provide an insightful look at commercial leasing for artists work spaces. This is a must attend workshop for anyone who thinks they can never own a home and for artists scrambling to find studio space in Portland.

Spring 2016 Whisper Posse Report

Creative work is brave work. In 2016 we designed a program to help creative people stick to their guns and build their careers, it's called The Whisper Posse.  Noah Kleiman leads a discussion of the real-life challenges faced by participants in the Spring 2016 Whisper Posse. Join us for true tales of the real bravery of ordinary people - leaving day jobs, running kickstarters, setting prices, bidding on contracts, balancing creative fulfillment against stable pay checks, and navigating the jungle of independent creative business  - told in vivid detail.

Rejiggering Your Release Plan 

Releasing a new album can be a driving force to build momentum for your music career. With so much hanging in the balance and so much to coordinate, it really helps to have a solid release plan. Indie music publicity luminary Sierra Haager of Public Display PR takes us through the planning, promo, and press work it takes to drop a new album without fumbling.

Walking The Dual Path: making your art while running a business

Patricia Morrison of Inner Fire Outer Light discusses the challenges of managing a creative practice alongside a creative business and shares insights into making it work. This is a must see workshop for anyone who divides their work between doing something creative and running a creative business. 

Slicing the Pie Right: creating clear agreements for creative collaboration

Peter Vaughan Shaver of Sound Advice LLC talks about what matters financially when creative collaborations succeed and how to create mutually beneficial agreements when entering into a new creative collaboration.



Keynote: Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish

Secret Knowledge Exchange

Secret Knowledge Exchange Sessions

This is the heart of The Secret Knowledge Conference, a chance for you to connect with creative people and swap insight, share resources, and support each other. Secret Knowledge Exchange is a series of focused mini unconference-style workshops woven into the fabric of the day. That means if you want to know about something and it didn't make it into the main conference schedule, you can learn what you need by bringing it up at an exchange session. Secret Knowledge staff & volunteers will be on hand to help broker knowledge sharing at these sessions, so you can focus on getting what you need & sharing what you know. Everyone has secret knowledge worth sharing. Simple insights help in such surprising ways. Presented by you & everyone else. Facilitated by Annie Rose Shapero.

Collaborative Art Jam with SCRAP: Secret Garden of Knowledge

 Take a break and do something creative with our program partners at SCRAP. We'll be creating an art garden where attendees can leave and find notes of wisdom.

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