Noah helps creative people fly higher, with less flapping.

You don't need to wait weeks or months for a Secret Knowledge workshop, event, or conference. You don't need to be in Portland, Oregon. Get the advice you need now, direct from the source. Schedule your insight session with Noah Kleiman, founder of Secret Knowledge.

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I'm Noah Kleiman.

Helping to empower creative people is my life's work. Secret Knowledge is the nonprofit I founded to get that work done.

If you already like what Secret Knowledge does, then you already like what I do. If you really dig the tone and feel of Secret Knowledge's programming, the marketing materials, amusing program names, or if you just like the idea itself - that there should be a kind of business education which supports creative people, addresses real-world challenges they face, and accomplishes all of it in a respectful manner - then chances are pretty good you'll really enjoy working with me one-on-one.

Noah Kleiman

It's the one subject I think about the most:

What challenges do creative people face when they try to turn their talents into paying work?

Why is it such a struggle?

What can we do to help with that struggle?


Get the most out of your insight session

You'll get more out of your insight session if you take some free advice, up front.

Start by thinking about what your challenges are. Does something stick out for you ? Pick one or two topics you want to cover with me during the session. Email me ahead of the session to tell me what you want to focus on.

If you need some examples of subjects you might want to cover with me, here are some BIG ONES that really matter to creative people. It's not comprehensive, of course.

  • Help me set what my prices should be (for what I make or what I do).
  • Help me sell (what I make or what I do) more effectively.
  • Help me with marketing (what I make or what I do).
  • Help me plan a crowdfunding campaign (Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, etc.)
  • Help me grow the audience for what I do.

Be prepared to take notes. I've noticed that people I meet with like to jot down the apt phrases I use & the little jokes I make for later use in their own marketing materials. You'll probably learn about an untapped resource which can really help you during the course of our converation. It's best to have a pen and some paper on hand.

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