We're Backing Kalie Stanton: Fireborn

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Kalie Stanton's FIREBORN: a fantasy webcomic about a troubled tattooed girl.

 You might recognize Kalie as Secret Knowledge's illustrator. Getting people to understand something new or innovative is such a key part of making Secret Knowledge succeed.  Kalie has contributed so much to making Secret Knowledge instantly understandable. Her illustrations helped attendees at the first Secret Knowledge Conference see themselves and the value of the conference for the first time. More recently Kalie helped us convey the sense of brave adventure surrounding The Whisper Posse. As we were working on The Whisper Posse poster Kalie said, "This is a program I NEED MYSELF. I'm......

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August 2016 Whisper Posse Update

It's been a pretty exciting week for the WHISPER POSSE
We've been doing the tactical plan meetings with participants, to go over the reccomendations from our Whisper Posse Expedition Planning Team (Noah Kleiman, Melanie Boekee, and R.Michael Menzies, jr.)

It's been amazing watching the pieces come together for the participants. Here are some highlights from this week:

WHISPER POSSE moment #1 (Wednesday)
Helping Gwen overhaul her website to transform it into a more effective web store for her fine jewelry. Go Gwen! (yes, we'll share the link, but not today). Her studio has a swing!



Whisper Posse Update - July 2016

Whisper Posse UPDATE !

Hats off to our five brave Whisper Posse participants: Sean, Frank, Ethan, Kalie, and Gwen. Two musicians, a graphic designer, an illustrator, and a jewelry artist who set out to grow their creative careers with support from Secret Knowledge, in an adventure which runs through November. It's about providing the support it takes to do the brave work required to build a creative career.

Whisper Posse - a six month adventure in creative career growth from Secret Knowledge in Portland, Oregon

Kalie Stanton - Illustrator for Secret Knowledge......

Whisper Posse

Join Secret Knowledge for a 6 month adventure in creative career growth.

The Spring 2016 Whisper Posse is underway - We're riding through November 2016.

You can join the Winter Whisper Posse, when it starts in December. In the meantime anyone can benefit from the same great career advice, anytime through Secret Knowledge's Insight Sessions (info here).

Spring Whisper Posse info

The Secret Knowledge Whisper Posse is your back-up and support team as you blaze a new trail for your creative career.

Evangeline LaRoque on the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference

I loved this conference! I came away with some wonderfully useful information and strategies which I have now very successfully integrated into my business. I also really enjoyed connecting with so many different creative people and came away feeling inspired and excited about what I do and the path I'm on.

- Evangeline LaRoque, Music & Video Producer



Secret Knowledge - Teaching Artists

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