Evangeline LaRoque on the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference

I loved this conference! I came away with some wonderfully useful information and strategies which I have now very successfully integrated into my business. I also really enjoyed connecting with so many different creative people and came away feeling inspired and excited about what I do and the path I'm on.

- Evangeline LaRoque, Music & Video Producer


The Puzzle of Your Creative Life

The Puzzle of your creative life

Portland has a large, growing creative population. It’s a good place to observe and understand creative people.

I live here. I’m one of those creative people. I’ve been watching creative Portlanders since 2002 and I’ve discovered a big challenge which all of these creative folks face.

I call it The Puzzle of Your Creative Life.

The Puzzle goes like this:

How can I lead the fulfilling, creative life I’m called to live and also earn enough money along the way ?

I like to imagine that when a creative person is born The Puzzle is given to


February 2016 Secret Knowledge Exchange Happy Hour at Victoria Bar

You want it. You got it.

Get your drink on, meet some creative people, connect and exchange YOUR Secret Knowledge at the 1st Quarterly Secret Knowledge Exchange Happy Hour.

Secret Knowledge Exchange


RSVP for This Event

When: Monday February 22nd, 2016 5pm - 7pm

Where: Victoria Bar - 4835 N Albina Ave, Portland, Oregon.

What: Two hours of drinking with some cleverly facilitated networking & creative career knowledge exchange. Bring your business card (or a just pen and some paper). 

Why: Folks who attended the Secret Knowledge Conference asked for ways to keep the momentum going all year long. Folks who missed the conference last year can benefit from the very best part of the conference, the Secret......

Make an End of Year Gift to Support Secret Knowledge through 2016

Secret Knowledge Conference banner Nov 14 2015

2015 has been a BIG year for Secret Knowledge.

Your support helped us launch the 1st Annual Secret Knowledge Conference - for many people the conference was the first time they heard about the creative empowerment work of Secret Knowledge. The conference brought public attention and a great group of engaged attendees & volunteers.

Secret Knowledge had $0 in cash grant support in 2015. We didn't wait another year to offer a great conference. Instead we turned to you. Your support and that of our other donors made it all happen. We couldn't do any of it without you.

Take a moment to make a tax-deductible end of year donation to Secret Knowledge by......

Sierra Haager: My take-away from the Secret Knowledge Conference

Noah Kleiman amid amid a buzzing crowd of conference attendees

What I learned at the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference - Dismantle Your Black Box

Sierra Haager of Breakup Records writes: Last month I attended the Secret Knowledge Conference at the Jupiter Hotel. If you’re not familiar, Secret Knowledge is a Portland organization that puts on classes and events aimed at helping creative people make a living. The conference was a full day of talks and panels covering a wide range of topics, from interacting with the press to handling taxes as an artist, publishing, crowdfunding, and even financial planning for creatives.



I learned a lot from many of these fascinating presentations, but the overarching lesson that I walked away with is that, as......

Rebecca Van Damm on the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference

Summary: "The Secret Knowledge Conference really delivered. I got a lot out of the workshops but the real "secret" of the conference, for me, was what I learned from talking with the other attendees. Applying what I learned at the conference made planning the next year so much easier. I finally know what my next steps are and how to go about taking them." - Rebecca Van Damm, Musician...

TBA - Home Buying for Artists, Musicians, Creatives, and Weirdos

Note: This event is no longer scheduled for Dec. 7th. Check back soon for the re-schedule announcement. 


Annie Rose Shapero


Home Buying for Artists, Musicians, Creatives, and Weirdos

Brought to you by Annie Rose Shapero (an artist, a true creative, a wonderful weirdo, a just ok musician, but thankfully a GREAT REALTOR)

Yes, you can have that basement recording studio. You're closer to it than you think.Annie Rose helped make the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference a big success by shepherding attendees through the murky, unknown waters of the Secret Knowledge Exchange workshops. Join us on Monday Dec. 7th (soon TBA) at URBAN NEST (3041 N Williams Ave, Portland, Oregon 97227) as Annie Rose shines her light to make......


Secret Knowledge - Teaching Artists

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