BIG IDEA JAM - Tuesday Nov. 24th

Thanks to everyone who made the 1st Annual Secret Knowledge Conference such an amazing day!

We had a lot of requests from attendees for more opportunities to meet-up and connect with other creative folks. We heard so many wonderful ideas at the conference. People want to share their notes from the conference with everyone. They want some creative social events. All wonderful ideas, we'd like to see them happen too!

Here's the next step: 

Come to the Secret Knowledge BIG IDEA JAM......

Noah Kleiman: Secret Knowledge & The Puzzle of Your Creative Life

Noah Kleiman from Secret Knowledge talks about the struggle creative people face, what was scheduled for The 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference, and answers audience questions in this amusing and informative presentation. Filmed live at Hand-Eye Supply's Curiosity Club on Oct. 13th 2015.

Attendee praise for Secret Knowledge & The Puzzle of Your Creative Life:

Very inspiring. Thanks a million, that talk was just what I needed at this point in my life.

- Kendra Malkemus


8-17-2015 Radio Interview: Seeing Working Artists

radio radio, yep yep yep yep yep yepSecret Knowledge's Executive Director, Noah Kleiman, talks about the invisibility of Portland's vast creative class and plans for The 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference on KPAM 860AM - First Edition with Tim Hohl & Terry Travis. This interview took place on Monday August 17th, 2015. Listen to the interview (opens a new window). Interview segment starts 20 minutes into the program, which is about halfway through if you want to skip ahead....

Secret Knowledge - Haiku Grant Application

Secret Knowledge Haiku

In mid July The Oregon Community Foundation issued a call for grant applications condensed down to a 17 syllable haiku poem. The title is the name of the organization. First line is 5 syllables stating what the organization does. Second line is 7 syllables stating what need the grant is intended to address. Third line is 5 syllables saying what the nonprofit proposes to do to address the problem. 

Secret Knowledge joined hundreds of nonprofit agencies across the State of Oregon who set to work writing haiku.

Coming up with a real Haiku which fit the guidelines was an interesting challenge. My understanding of Haiku is that the meaning is supposed to unfold before you as you read. My favorite are the Haiku which unfold at a single word, the......

2015 Cracked Pots Art Fair: what I taught, what I learned

Noah of Secret Knowledge IS walking around meeting artists (as one does)

My favorite part about meeting working artists is that I can usually give them some helpful advice and they give me fresh insight into the best ways to help working artists. It’s half direct service, half research and development.

Here are some of the highlights from my visit to the 16th Annual Cracked Pots recycled arts fair:

I met a woman who makes mixed media wall sculptures from recycled materials. Normally she sells the originals as decoration. I said, “Have you considered taking high quality photographs of 12 of your best pieces? That way you could run a small crowdfunding campaign to create a 2016 wall calendar featuring those images. Possibly also a line of cards.” She was very excited about this idea....

MotiveSpace welcomes Secret Knowledge to new nonprofit center.

Our new home

On August 1st Secret Knowledge will move to a new downtown office in The Barn Nonprofit Center, an innovative shared office space created by nonprofit developer MotiveSpace. The Barn - 618 NW Glisan

The Barn: a Portland Raised Building

The Barn was launched in response to the need for affordable, centrally located office space that helps Portland's nonprofits in a new way.  Housed in a historic Old Town building at the corner of NW 6th and NW Glisan, The Barn is designed to accommodate the needs of nonprofits, and will serve as a progressive model fueling collaboration and mission-driven work. Tenants benefit from below market rates, shared meeting space, increased visibility, synergy with other nonprofit tenants, bulk purchase of broadband/telecommunications......


Secret Knowledge - Teaching Artists

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