Time to Tune Up The Beauty Machine

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We all love to have music, visuals, tales, and artifacts around us that we can reach for. Places to find joy, understanding, community, and reflections of ourselves. The beauty machine is the way that these products get to us.

You are a part of the beauty machine. We all do better when the beauty machine is humming along well. Creatives don't always know how to get the money part figured out. It's time to help tune up the machine....

What's Cookin' at Secret Knowledge ? - April 2015

Some of you may wonder why Secret Knowledge hasn’t announced any workshops for Spring and Summer ?

We aren’t planning to offer any.

It’s a strategic choice. Instead of semimonthly workshops we’re going to:

1. launch a conference, and

2. create an arts-business mentoring program.

It’s a two-pronged approach to reach more people, offer even better programming, and at the same time have a greater impact on individual working artists & musicians.

Secret Knowledge Conference

We’re gearing up to launch the first annual Secret Knowledge Conference, targeted for Fall of 2015, in Portland. Visioning work for the conference is underway. Here’s what’s cookin’ for the conference, so far:

It will be a short conference, a......

Building the dream team

What matters most when it comes to starting and running a new nonprofit, like Secret Knowledge, is building a great board of directors. Boards truly make or break a nonprofit.

On March 28th, 2015 Secret Knowledge elected four new members to the Board of Directors.

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Julia Alena, Joel Barker, Nancy McFadden, and Travis McGee to the team. They bring a wealth of business wisdom, fundraising experience, promotional power, and the organizational focus needed to drive Secret Knowledge.

How we got here

Secret Knowledge launched with a small founding board in the Fall of 2013; three brave and talented friends willing to help me start Secret Knowledge. We spent 2014 developing curriculum, offering workshops, running our first fundraising campaign, and doing......

Lead the charge. Join Secret Knowledge's Board.

You could be Secret Knowledge.
We're looking for a few AWESOME people to serve on Secret Knowledge's Board of Directors. If you're interested in making Secret Knowledge happen, we'd like to start a conversation with you !

To apply send an email indicating your interest in board service and telling us a bit about your background (or optionally include a copy of your resume) to

Secret Dispatch 1 Q4 2014

In an effort to keep Secret Knowledge supporters in the loop about what we're doing we published our first Quarterly newsletter in December 2014. Printed copies are available by emailing us, howdy (at) Kickoff Campaign contributors were sent copies in the mail the week of December 26th.  Click here to download an electronic copy of The Secret Dispatch, Issue #1. 


Google Grant helps Secret Knowledge reach 2000 people in 12 days

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A Big Investment. 

Thanks to a $10,000 a month Google Grant, Secret Knowledge reaches 180 - 200 people nation-wide EVERY DAY connecting visitors with software resources and free video lessons like this one, Secret Knowledge of Clear & Clever Marketing.

A Bigger Impact.

Over 2000 people from all across the United States, and parts of Canada, found their way to Secret Knowledge in the 12 days since Google approved......

Fall 2014 Workshops Announced

Secret Knowledge announces Fall 2014 workshops

Secret Knowledge of Clear & Clever Marketing - Thursday, November 20th 7pm at TaborSpace

Secret Knowledge Exchange - Monday, November 24th 7pm at TaborSpace

Secret Knowledge of Working Websites - Wednesday December 10th 7pm at TaborSpace

Secret Knowledge of Crowd Funding - Thursday December 18th 7pm at TaborSpace...


Secret Knowledge - Teaching Artists

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