What's Cookin' #2 - March 2014

Music Technology Workshops Ahoy !

I've planned all along to offer music technology workshops for creative people. The big challenge has been Secret Knowledge doesn't have a music studio in which to conduct music technology workshops. This is the primary reason our first workshops have been a graphic design & layout class and the upcoming Secret Knowledge of Personal Finance class; these workshops, while utterly useful to creative people,  require very little in the way of equipment and don't require a special room to teach in.GigSoundPosterImage

My student built a studio

This week I visited David Balding's recording studio, Sound Storage Studios.

Back when I was teaching at Old Library Studio, David Balding was one of the adult students who......

Interview on 107.1 FM KZME

Just recorded an interview with Dennise Kowalczyk for her show ARTclecticPDX on KZME radio. It will air on SATURDAY 2/22 at 8 am and be rebroadcast on MONDAY 2/24 at 7 am - if you are listening to the radio, it can be heard on 107.1 fm and if you are on a computer, it will be streaming at

Listen to the recorded Podcast of the interview.

I talked about Secret Knowledge and mentioned our workshops Secret Knowledge of Poster Design and Secret Knowledge of Personal Finance


What's Cookin' ?

Secret Knowledge of What Secret Knowledge is Planning - I’ve decided to try a different approach for Secret Knowledge; I’m going to talk about events and workshops that are still in development. My hope is that being open about the process will invite collaboration, drive interest in these programs, and increase the chances these ideas become real events and workshops....

What's happened so far ?

Good news !

The boring phase of starting a new nonprofit recently ended for Secret Knowledge.

Here are some highlights of what you missed:

Discussions about forming a new arts education nonprofit started in early November 2013.

Secret Knowledge registered as an Oregon nonprofit corporation on November 19th, 2013.

An organizational meeting of Secret Knowledge's board of directors was held on December 1st, 2013. Paul Van Orden was elected as Board President. Sarah Gitchell was elected as Secretary. Alan Trunnell was elected as Treasurer. Noah Kleiman was appointed to serve as Executive Director.

Secret Knowledge applied for tax exemption as a 501(c)(3) publicly supported charity on Christmas Eve, 2013....


Secret Knowledge - Teaching Artists

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