Board of Directors

Secret Knowledge Founder, Noah Kleiman

Noah Kleiman -  Founding Executive Director & President

Noah Kleiman has an uncanny ability to tap into the education needs of creative people. Noah’s nonprofit career started in 2003 when he launched his first arts-education nonprofit, Old Library Studio, Portland’s nonprofit music recording studio for teens. Noah’s vision of an afterschool program mixing music and mentorship quickly expanded into public school classrooms and using music-making to engage at risk teens. In 2006 Willamette Week awarded Noah the prestigious Skidmore Prize for the Arts, which recognizes inspiring young nonprofit leaders. With his new arts-education nonprofit, Secret Knowledge, Kleiman aims to help creative working people gain the technical and business skills they need to make their living working as independent artists and to provide engaging cultural experiences for Portland’s creative audiences.

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Travis McGee - Secretary

A New York City native, Travis was raised by parents in the music industry and spent many years as a musician playing in venues throughout the Northeast. He has called Portland his home since 2011. A huge supporter of the arts, Travis is thrilled to be working with an organization dedicated to equipping artists with the tools they need to turn their artistic endeavors into sustainable careers.

Paul Van Orden - Past President

Paul works as an environmental law enforcement officer for the City of Portland's Office of Neighborhood Involvement. Mr. Van Orden has run Portland's noise control office for 18 years and is a leading research scientist on urban noise pollution and livability. He's an active grassroots organizer with years of experience serving on the board of Growing Gardens.

Annie Rose Shapero - Treasurer

Annie Rose sponsored the first ever scholarships for the Secret Knowledge Conference and she was in charge of running the three Secret Knowledge Exchange sessions at the conference. We're excited to have her as a Whisperer Sidekick with The Whisper Posse. Annie Rose started one of the longest running Etsy shops, Green Betty. She's passionate about housing and finding new ways to help creative people acheive home ownership.

Ethan Parker Wright

Ethan was a participant in the first Whisper Posse in 2016, coordinated our happy hour events in 2017 and joined the board to lend his graphic design skills to Secret Knowledge in 2018. Ethan is an independent designer in Portland. 

Resource Council

Melanie Boekee - Financial Advisor

Melanie helped things run smoothly at the first annual Secret Knowledge Conference. She had the brilliant idea of getting everyone to set career goals at Secret Knowledge Exchange Happy Hour #2 (an idea we're going to stick with.) Now Melanie is part of the planning and advising team for The Whisper Posse

Anna Fritz - Cellist / Folksinger

The influence of Anna Fritz on the visioning and programming of Secret Knowledge cannot be understated. Her insight into the challenges faced by working artists & musicians in Portland directly translated into what Secret Knowledge became and the innovative approach we take. Introverts who enjoyed the Secret Knowledge Conference have Anna to thank for that experience.  A working musician in Portland and longtime Secret Knowledge programming collaborator, Anna shared her crowdfunding wisdom with attendees at the first annual Secret Knowledge Conference.  Anna Fritz is a founding member of Portland Cello Project. As a studio artist, Anna’s cello work has been featured on more than 50 albums by bands such as The Decemberists, My Morning Jacket, Dirty Projectors, The Builders and The Butchers, and Blue Cranes. She's an amazing folksinger who plays the cello. 

Sarah Crampton Gitchell - Past Director & Past Secretary

Sarah helped start Secret Knowledge. She was on the founding board of directors. You can hear her voice and see her featured in many of our videos. Sarah is an experienced graphic designer, copy writer, humorist, and a talented voice over artist. She has years of experience facing the very challenges which all working artists face, as the owner of an independent creative business.

R. Michael Menzies, Jr. 


Gina Morris - Founding Director of BridgeLabPNCA

Gina was a featured instructor and a key planning resource for the first annual Secret Knowledge Conference. Gina is a dancer, choreographer, designer, small business owner, and innovative educator based in Portland, Oregon. You can find her teaching creative people how to make a living at PNCA's Bridgelab and helping local independent designers sell what they make as the co-founder of RADISH UNDERGROUND and

Nick Pasquale - Television Series Project Manager

Nick contributed his photography skills to help document the Secret Knowledge Conference and later participated in early visioning for the Secret Knowledge Exchange Sessions & The Whisper Posse. Nick has signed on to lead the video production team for The Whisper Posse, to help participants produce promotional & crowdfunding campaign videos.

Kalie Stanton - Illustrator

Secret Knowledge owes it's visual branding style to illustrator, web comic artist, and designer Kalie Stanton. Her illustrations helped drive creative people to the first annual Secret Knowledge Conference in 2015. This year Kalie created the poster art for our newest program, The Whisper Posse.




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David Boeckel

Shawna Kleiman

Travis McGee*

Paul & Erin Van Orden*

Regional Arts & Culture Council - Creative Leadership Program


Julia Alena

Shirley Kleiman

The Jupiter Hotel


Amy & Tom Fritz

Kathy Loveland

Michael Winer

$1 - $99

Parker Lee

Minuteman Press Lloyd Center

Ann Hyde supports Secret Knowledge

Ann Hyde

I support Secret Knowledge. I'm not an artist at all, but I believe in what they are doing. And I think it's VERY exciting. It's a new way of getting artists out in the front of the field.

- Ann Hyde



Google, Inc. (in-kind grant)



Julia Alena

David Boeckel

Shawna Kleiman

Shirley Kleiman

Paul & Erin Van Orden

Ean Reves*

Marilyn Ziering


Tovah & Andrew Eichenbaum

Ann Hyde

Travis McGee

Brand Definition


Sarah & Matt Gitchell


Joel Barker

Nikki Collins

Joel Harris

Warren Hedges

Jami & Paul Kisling

Sarah Lochner

R. Michael Menzies, Jr.

Karl Pawlewicz & Lindsay Schwak

Michael Sulis

Adam Whatley

1$ - $99

R Thomas Achor

Erik Arneson

Hannah Barrett

Joseph Barrett

Patricia Berger

Robin Coleman

Patrick Collins

Amy & Tom Fritz

Jacob H.

Oliver Hayden

Zack Holstun

Norm Kern

Mary Metastasio

Tucker Martine & Laura Veirs

Amy Mauldin

Nancy McFadden

David Miller

Christa Morrison

Denise Olivier

Sarah Perelstein

Christina Rockey

Samantha Ruimy

Ruth Strickland

Anne Trainor

Deborah Wessell



Google, Inc. (in-kind grant)


Shawna Kleiman

Shirley Kleiman

Marilyn Ziering

Robert Letson


Tom & Amy Fritz

Brian Rabben


Paul & Erin Van Orden

Mark Baenziger & Stephani Skalak


Peggy Acott

Tovah & Andrew Eichenbaum


Kaye Clarke

Peter & Veronica Elsea

Robert Goldie

Donald Harmon

Joel Harris

Maryellen Hockensmith

Ann Hyde

Michael Karman

Ernest Kim

Bill & Katie Kleiman

Johanna Schor

Laird Sheldahl

Tyler Slone



Kary Youman


Cheryl Alto

Shanna Andrawis

Jordan Beck

Judith Belk

Sasha Carter

Chuck Dills

Anna Fritz

Kathy Loveland

Mildred L. Marx

Heather Ohana

Ryan and Sarah Pederson

Deborah Rabben

Jennifer Russell


Leonard Van Orden

Ben Pierce & Elissa Mendenhal

Kathy & Robert DeLiema

$1 - $49


Connor Acott

Joseph Auth

Cary Clarke

Nicole Edson

Trent Finlay

Ian Fritz

Paul Gerald

Sarah Iannarone

Satoshi Ishida

Kiel Johnson

Terry McGraw

Juliette Muracchioli


Emily Reynolds

Linda Robinson


John Tonini II

Monique Daviau

Alison Ippolito


Pippa Arend

Robert Ayres

David de la Rocha

Maxwell Garvey


Travis Henderson

Amanda Jarman

Ada Kerman

Jesse Kerman

Norman Kern

Travis Labbe

Barbara Martin

Ian Mouser

Gabriel Ross

Cooper Stimson

Careen Stoll

Farra Trompeter

Mary Vogel

Michael Winer

Erin Yanke

Alan Trunnell

Kyle Gossman

Zachary Kuzda

Rose Mary Ojeda

Kyle Gossman supports Secret Knowledge

Kyle Gossman

This is a great way to give to artists. That's why I donated.

Not a lot of us find ourselves in the position of being able to buy artwork, but if you can donate anything you can to the cause, this is going to teach artists the skills they need to actually make it.

- Kyle Gossman, working artist

Secret Knowledge - Teaching Artists