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Annual Secret Knowledge Conference

THE 2018 SECRET KNOWLEDGE CONFERENCE is coming Nov. 17th 2018

What the Secret Knowledge Conference is: It’s a full day of utterly useful professional training and community connection for artists, musicians, and other creative-types.

Let’s face it, turning your creative talent into a working livelihood is challenging. Talent alone isn’t enough. The Secret Knowledge Conference is about sharing real creative business wisdom you can actually use.

Sierra & Melanie chatting at the Secret Knowledge Conference

Saturday, November 17th
Jupiter Hotel



Secret Knowledge Conference



The Whisper Posse

THE WHISPER POSSE is your back-up and support team as you blaze a new trail for your creative career.

Each "ride" lasts 6 months. In that time you'll set career goals, work with our team of Whisperers and Expedition Planners to come up with a TACTICAL PLAN for accomplishing your goals. There's no way to know what challenges lay ahead for you. A tactical plan basically tells you, "no matter what comes up, stick to this strategy and you'll make it through." It's far more practical than a traditional business plan.  THE WHISPER POSSE provides ongoing emotional support for each participant to help you stick to your guns as you actually do what it takes to reach your goal.

THE WHISPER POSSE - It's a better way to help creative people grow their careers.

A whisperer is someone who provides encouragement and emotional support to help you do what needs doing. A posse is a group you gather to provide back-up when there's brave work to be done.

More info on THE WHISPER POSSE page.

Whisper Posse wasn't offered in 2017 but the 2016 Whisper Posse was so transformative for participants we're going to bring it back in 2018. We'll announce enrollment details for for the 2018 Whisper Posse in Jaunuary 2018. 

Secret Knowledge Exchange Happy Hour

Logo fro Secret Knowledge Exchange

Once each quarter Secret Knowledge gathers Portland's creative community together to engage in peer exchange. Designed to welcome introverts and extroverts alike, each SECRET KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE HAPPY HOUR event is designed to fascilitate resource and insight exchange between attendees. It's not another schmooze-fest.

Secret Knowledge Exchange Happy Hour events are announced on the Events Page, reminders are sent out to subscribers to Secret Knowledge's Newsletter, and to those who follow our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed.


Secret Knowledge Exchange Happy Hour #2

Insight Sessions

SECRET KNOWLEDGE INSIGHT SESSIONS offer one-on-one support for your creative career.

Secret Knowledge founding director, Noah Kleiman

You don't need to wait weeks or months for a Secret Knowledge workshop, event, or conference. You don't need to be in Portland, Oregon - remote advising is available.

Get the advice you need now, direct from the source. Schedule your insight session with Noah Kleiman, founder of Secret Knowledge.

Noah helps creative people fly higher, with less flapping.

Take me to the Insight Sessions page.

Secret Knowledge - Teaching Artists