Make Your Own Posters. Watch Now !

Free Poster Design Video Tutorial - Create Your Own Posters

This free video workshop, "Secret Knowedge of Poster Design" will show you how to layout a professional looking poster on your computer. Scribus is free professional layout software you can use for any purpose, not just posters. The workshop focuses on creating poster layouts using some really great free graphic design resources, which will save you time as you make your poster and yield good results. 

The video is over an hour long. If you don't have an hour to learn how to make a poster right now, you might want to bookmark this page instead.


Free Graphic Design / Layout Software Download

You'll probably want to download the software we're using, so that you can follow along with the workshop. 

Scribus is free. It's works great. It runs on a Mac. It runs on a PC / Windows computer. It runs on Linux. You can download it for free from

Install instructions are here.

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