Secret Knowledge of Poster Design - May 1st

Thursday, May 1, 2014 from 7pm to 9pm

TaborSpace - Muir Hall 5441 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97215
$30 / ($20 Early Bird Rate if you register before 11:30pm on April 23rd)


Bring your laptop.

Learn the skills you need to promote your art, music, or events with printed posters and on the web. This class uses free professional layout software and shows you all you need to create eye-catching designs to help you be seen and build your audience.

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Noah Kleiman is an experienced and engaging arts-technology instructor with years of experience empowering creative people with technology.

This two hour workshop will show you how to use Scribus, a free & open source desktop publishing program (like InDesign, only free). The software runs on all major computer operating systems (mac, linux, pc). If you're accustomed to making posters using a photo editor (like photoshop) or a word processor (like word) then working with Scribus will be a better tool for the job. If you've never attempted to make a poster before, you'll start with the right tool and acheive professional-looking results.

In addition to the software training, this course will connect you to excellent free graphics resources on the web which are legal for you to use in your designs.

Testimonial for Secret Knowledge of Poster Design

As the owner of Poster Child Events LLC here in Portland, Oregon, I am an expert on the topic of poster campaign marketing. Posters are a vital and economical method of branding and promoting an event or a business.  Posters act to both build public awareness in an organic & human way while also acting to reinforce and remind the public of your project.  Posters after all, are the oldest form of advertising, arguably as old as hieroglyphics and are still used today for one reason…they work.
Secret Knowledge of Poster Design, taught by Noah Kleiman, shares tricks to free and basic design applications and programs; and will teach you to make a professional-quality design.  Whether you are producing an event or are a business owner, I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in taking over the world DIY style or at the least, spreading awareness of your project in and around Portland, Oregon.
Take this class!

Tamara J. Brown,
Owner of Poster Child Events LLC


Get your ticket by April 23rd at 11:30pm to take advantage of the Early Bird discount, $10 off the ticket price.

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