2015 Cracked Pots Art Fair: what I taught, what I learned

Noah of Secret Knowledge IS walking around meeting artists (as one does)

My favorite part about meeting working artists is that I can usually give them some helpful advice and they give me fresh insight into the best ways to help working artists. It’s half direct service, half research and development.

Here are some of the highlights from my visit to the 16th Annual Cracked Pots recycled arts fair:

I met a woman who makes mixed media wall sculptures from recycled materials. Normally she sells the originals as decoration. I said, “Have you considered taking high quality photographs of 12 of your best pieces? That way you could run a small crowdfunding campaign to create a 2016 wall calendar featuring those images. Possibly also a line of cards.” She was very excited about this idea....

Time to Tune Up The Beauty Machine

Vintage image of man with micrometer.

We all love to have music, visuals, tales, and artifacts around us that we can reach for. Places to find joy, understanding, community, and reflections of ourselves. The beauty machine is the way that these products get to us.

You are a part of the beauty machine. We all do better when the beauty machine is humming along well. Creatives don't always know how to get the money part figured out. It's time to help tune up the machine....

Secret Knowledge - Teaching Artists

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