Grants, 2018 Conference Date, New Board Members, and 2018 Keynote Speaker

2017 has been a pretty quiet year for Secret Knowledge. Thanks to the folks who have turned out for our Secret Knowledge Exchange Happy Hour Events. You've been helping to keep the spirit of Secret Knowledge alive this year. 

Welcome Annie Rose Shapero & Ethan Parker Wright to the Secret Knowledge Board of Directors

Secret Knowledge is pleased to welcome two of our most engaged volunteers Annie Rose Shapero & Ethan Parker Wright to the Secret Knowledge Board of Directors. Annie Rose has been instrumental in developing our Secret Knowledge exchange programming. Ethan was a participant in the first Whisper Posse, coordinated our happy hour events in 2017 and will lend his graphic design skills to Secret Knowledge in 2018. Welcome aboard!

You may have noticed that we......

Whisper Posse Update - July 2016

Whisper Posse UPDATE !

Hats off to our five brave Whisper Posse participants: Sean, Frank, Ethan, Kalie, and Gwen. Two musicians, a graphic designer, an illustrator, and a jewelry artist who set out to grow their creative careers with support from Secret Knowledge, in an adventure which runs through November. It's about providing the support it takes to do the brave work required to build a creative career.

Whisper Posse - a six month adventure in creative career growth from Secret Knowledge in Portland, Oregon

Kalie Stanton - Illustrator for Secret Knowledge......

Sierra Haager: My take-away from the Secret Knowledge Conference

Noah Kleiman amid amid a buzzing crowd of conference attendees

What I learned at the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference - Dismantle Your Black Box

Sierra Haager of Breakup Records writes: Last month I attended the Secret Knowledge Conference at the Jupiter Hotel. If you’re not familiar, Secret Knowledge is a Portland organization that puts on classes and events aimed at helping creative people make a living. The conference was a full day of talks and panels covering a wide range of topics, from interacting with the press to handling taxes as an artist, publishing, crowdfunding, and even financial planning for creatives.



I learned a lot from many of these fascinating presentations, but the overarching lesson that I walked away with is that, as......

TBA - Home Buying for Artists, Musicians, Creatives, and Weirdos

Note: This event is no longer scheduled for Dec. 7th. Check back soon for the re-schedule announcement. 


Annie Rose Shapero


Home Buying for Artists, Musicians, Creatives, and Weirdos

Brought to you by Annie Rose Shapero (an artist, a true creative, a wonderful weirdo, a just ok musician, but thankfully a GREAT REALTOR)

Yes, you can have that basement recording studio. You're closer to it than you think.Annie Rose helped make the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference a big success by shepherding attendees through the murky, unknown waters of the Secret Knowledge Exchange workshops. Join us on Monday Dec. 7th (soon TBA) at URBAN NEST (3041 N Williams Ave, Portland, Oregon 97227) as Annie Rose shines her light to make......

BIG IDEA JAM - Tuesday Nov. 24th

Thanks to everyone who made the 1st Annual Secret Knowledge Conference such an amazing day!

We had a lot of requests from attendees for more opportunities to meet-up and connect with other creative folks. We heard so many wonderful ideas at the conference. People want to share their notes from the conference with everyone. They want some creative social events. All wonderful ideas, we'd like to see them happen too!

Here's the next step: 

Come to the Secret Knowledge BIG IDEA JAM......

8-17-2015 Radio Interview: Seeing Working Artists

radio radio, yep yep yep yep yep yepSecret Knowledge's Executive Director, Noah Kleiman, talks about the invisibility of Portland's vast creative class and plans for The 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference on KPAM 860AM - First Edition with Tim Hohl & Terry Travis. This interview took place on Monday August 17th, 2015. Listen to the interview (opens a new window). Interview segment starts 20 minutes into the program, which is about halfway through if you want to skip ahead....

Secret Knowledge - Teaching Artists

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