TBA - Home Buying for Artists, Musicians, Creatives, and Weirdos

Note: This event is no longer scheduled for Dec. 7th. Check back soon for the re-schedule announcement. 


Annie Rose Shapero


Home Buying for Artists, Musicians, Creatives, and Weirdos

Brought to you by Annie Rose Shapero (an artist, a true creative, a wonderful weirdo, a just ok musician, but thankfully a GREAT REALTOR)

Yes, you can have that basement recording studio. You're closer to it than you think.Annie Rose helped make the 2015 Secret Knowledge Conference a big success by shepherding attendees through the murky, unknown waters of the Secret Knowledge Exchange workshops. Join us on Monday Dec. 7th (soon TBA) at URBAN NEST (3041 N Williams Ave, Portland, Oregon 97227) as Annie Rose shines her light to make......

Fall 2014 Workshops Announced

Secret Knowledge announces Fall 2014 workshops

Secret Knowledge of Clear & Clever Marketing - Thursday, November 20th 7pm at TaborSpace

Secret Knowledge Exchange - Monday, November 24th 7pm at TaborSpace

Secret Knowledge of Working Websites - Wednesday December 10th 7pm at TaborSpace

Secret Knowledge of Crowd Funding - Thursday December 18th 7pm at TaborSpace...

What's Cookin' ? Fall 2014

We have a brand new website

According to the commit logs (that's geek talk), I've spent the last 18 days (and, let's face it, nights) constructing a new, more powerful website for Secret Knowledge. It's here. It's launched. I'm really excited to share it with you. Poke around. Try it out. Let me know what you think. 

What does this new website do, which the old one didn't ?

  • You can register online for Secret Knowledge workshops.
  • You can make a tax-deductible donation, and optionally select a thank you gift. 
  • When you make a gift, you'll be emailed a receipt right away.
  • Also, when you register for an event we'll automatically email you the info. We'll probably roll out an automatic reminder email the week of the event (not yet).
  • ......

Secret Knowledge - Teaching Artists

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